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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Funniest Thing of All

The funny thing is,
A mortal’s love is a more tenuous concept than his next breath,
Even the word’s single syllable undulating from
His mouth in a tremulous gasp.
The funny thing is,
Only one who has loved has known the
Meaning of Irony
And these feel the weight of all transgressions’
The funny thing is,
People who are happiest have never been in
Or not the love common to so many mortals.
Pain is love’s companion, true to the end,
And the funny thing is,
The ends are so rarely benign.

The funny thing is,
So much is dressed up in a smile,
A cheap facsimile of mortality’s
When all has come to pass, all stories told, all songs sung, all tears wept
Mortal love will be revealed for the
That it is.
The funny thing is,
Most will miss it all,
Enthralled in their foolish dreams and
Diseased conquests.
The cruel declarations of love,
And the malign good-night kisses.
The funny thing is,
They’re all blind.
Poor, cruel fools.

The funny thing is,
I know what you’re thinking.
That I’ve lost a screw
Or maybe the whole contraption that’s my
The funny thing is,
You’re second-guessing what you once believed,
Aren’t you?

You must understand that
The funny thing is,
I’ve played this game before,
When I was at a point in life
When I thought love was good.
The funny thing is,
It took me quite a few turns
Quite a few rolls, spins, calls,
To figure out what the game of
Mortal Love
Really is; and
The funny thing is,
It’s Death.

The funny thing is,
Is that it’s a constant game of pain,
A torturer’s nightmare,
Of moving and running, war and
Is so stupid, among peerless mortals;
Surpassed in every way by every thing.
The funny thing is,
Few have realized this,
And none can act upon it.

The funny thing is,
Philosophers were morons,
Romanticism was a joke,
The Renaissance a gag.
The funny thing is,
No one can be right, either.

Romeo was better off dead.

The funny thing is,
Love has
Never work for me, a constant suffering for
The rest of my days.
I know this heart and mind,
And will never try such again.
Love was meant for no comprehension or control,
For any mortal.
My heart has been broken and lost,
And the funny thing is,
I won’t miss it.

The funny thing is,
Love is really a hunkering, hungering, menacing monster,
A vampire awaiting to drain with avarice
The life of mortals.

And the funniest thing of all is,
I’m falling in Love again.


Blogger MirandaMetaphor said...

Aye, I am in love again and the funny thing is, you, being the farthest away is causing me the most pain when I know you're not happy.

3:27 PM

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