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Friday, March 10, 2006

What Does it Profit a Man?

What does it profit a man who gains the world
Should he not gain love?
What purpose has he,
That he cannot fulfill life’s Purpose?
That he gains respect
That he gains wealth
When all that is his kisses both horizons
But he was never to experience a kiss himself?
What does it profit a man-?
Though this is fallen verse
I have nothing
I dwell in nothing
Are not mine to be had
Fallacy is the kingdom I rule
With error as its currency
And tears its standard
As I raise its sordid banner:
A field of tears under a trampled rose
I cry out myself and ask
“What does it profit a man who gains the world-”
or nothing
“Should he never gain love?”
My profit is shame
I reap only frustration
I harvest only sorrow
The hope I sow is inevitably dead by nightfall
The levity I pretend is disclosed by dusk
And one must wonder to oneself:
What does it profit a man to gain the world
Should he not gain love?
I flail my impatience against the skin of this world
I fling my fear against its wind
Blowing past and across my weathered face
My hollow eyes,
My harrowed cheeks
I am without meaning.
It profits a man death.
What does it profit a man who gains the world
Should he never gain love?

It profits inexistence.
It profits listlessness.
It profits brokenness.
It profits a shattered heart.
What does it profit a man?
I did try.
What does it profit?
I failed.
What does?
I give up.
No point left.
What does it?
I am dead.


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Interesting bit of writing!

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